Thursday, November 7, 2013

Donation Haul?!

Today, I'm posting a reverse haul! I'm showing you what I am giving away for donations.

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed by my wardrobe. I often find myself feeling like I have nothing to wear which is totally ridiculous. I wanted to clean out my closest so that I can better see what I have and I can easily hunt out cute combinations.

Here is what I donated!

note: EVERYTHING I am donating was thrifted or was passed on to me from my Mum. Only exception is a pair of jeans.

1. Purple, 3/4 sleeved dress- neck stretched out a bit and it's rather matronly. 
2. Brown, short-sleeve dress- I used to really like the weird bib front of this but I am over it now! 

1. Leather jacket- this one! The "leather" ended up peeling off. Yep, only had it for 3 months! I am officially on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket. 

1. Purple and white knit sweater- weird fit. This was passed on to me from my Mum and I loved the fabric so much but it just looked boxy and not flattering. 
2. Zebra print in pink and blue sweater- low cut so I always had to wear a tank under it. I'm over the print. Probably worn twice! 
3. Purple cardigan with 3/4 sleeves- Never worn! Too baggy and messy looking. 

1. Black, button-up long-sleeve- never worn. I am not a button-up person to begin with but this one has a logo on the front pocket that doesn't make it very versatile. 
2. Black long sleeve with tribal print lower half- too small. Passed down from my Mum. 
3. Flower print tank-top- had since before high school! Too short and don't really like the Nylon fabric. 
4. Cream short sleeve with flowers- too off the shoulder... just looks sloppy on me. Used to love it. 
5. Black no-sleeve top- the neck is super high and always reminds me of a serving uniform. 
6. Pink 3/4 sleeve top- still love it but I got bleach on it. I had rationalized that this made it unique but have totally abandoned it over 2 years later! 
7. Blue long sleeve- comfy cotton top but I have lot's of those of those and never turn to this one. I also don't like the huge logo on front! 
8. Red no-sleeve with sparkles on front- I wore this all through high school and still love it but it is way too tight. 
9. Pink tank-top with elastic waist- My sister got this for me in Hawaii but I can never get the elastic to sit right. I would end up fussing with it all day. 
10. Purple short-sleeve with built-in bolero- Really cute but again, too fussy. I would be adjusting it all day. It was also too tight in the stomach area. 
11. Navy striped short-sleeve with bow at neck- I debated this one for a while. I like it but it is too big and just looks sloppy on. 
12. Pink tank-top with ruffled collar- Got totally stretched out. Only wearable as PJ's but I have tons of those that I like more. 
13. Pink tank-top with black lace overlay- Another favourite from my high school days! But too short and the neckline is too low. 

1. Purple tulip shaped skirt- I once got super glue on it and ended up tearing a hole in it. I loved this skirt so much but it's time to let go. 
2. Blue super voluminous skirt- too much skirt for me! Maybe wore it out once?! 

1. Pink jeans- too tight. Always were too tight but I just loved the colour soo much! I only wore these once and I was so uncomfortable.
2. Cropped sweatpants- weird fit... Feels like they are probably too low rise for my body. Passed on from my Mum! 
3. Wide legged jeans- I have another pair that is essentially the same but in a better wash. 
4. Another pair of wide legged jeans- these ones! Can't get over the bad fit.

AND 1 pair of shoes, a couple of bras, and a big handful of jewelry (including 9 pairs of earrings!)

I'm really proud of myself! 

(Behind my pile you can see my brother did some major donating too!)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Value Village Haul!

Vests were a recent discovery for me after falling in love with this one.I have been wanting more as I just love to layer year-round. 

I love the really light sweater material of this vest. This will be a go-to item for me. Just wear with a simple tee, long necklace, jeans, boots and I'm good to go for Fall! 

Sweater vest: Value Village, $4.99 (silence+noise, sz xs)

I wasn't sure about this one when I saw it on the hanger. I thought it might be a bit too square looking but I liked the fit on. I would like to pair this one with a really feminine top to offset the almost military feel it gives off. 

Cargo vest: Value Village, $6.99 (American Eagle Outfitters, sz m)

I found this skirt after I had my fitting room visit. When I looked at the line-ups, they had doubled in size. I ended up trying it on over my (thick) jeans. It was hard to tell if it would fit well normally but I went for it!

I'm so glad I did. This has quickly become my favourite skirt to wear. It is comfortable and classic. I love the bronze buttons at the side.

Skirt: Value Village, $5.99 (Reitmans, sz 9)

I just can't keep myself out of the earring section! When I originally browsed through, I ended up with about 6 pairs in my hands but I was able to wittle down to one. 

As I have mentioned before, I have been wanting to create more bohemian looks. I thought this earrings would be perfect for that. I love how all the leaves are a different colour of metal (bronze, silver, gold) so I won't have to worry about mixing metals; they're already mixed!

Earrings: Value Village, $1.99 (no brand)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sweater Search!

I was feeling a serious lack in my wardrobe. I have plenty of cardigans for the cooler weather but I often found myself seeking something more light weight. Something that would add another layer but wouldn't add too much heat. With a few different thrifts, I was able to score! 

I love this first one. I think it is really bohemian looking... a style that I have been aiming for lately. I actually wore this today with jeans, boots, and a hot pink scarf. I felt really comfortable and cozy. 

Sweater: World Serve Thrift, $6.00 (MLM, sz xl)

This sleeveless one served me really well during the summer. It was great to still layer even when it was warm out. I feel like layers really add dimension to an outfit.

I love the pale blue colour.

Sweater: Thirft, <$6 (Holiday, no size)

This final cover-up is really unique in style. I see myself wearing it a bit more formally with a fitted dress. The fabric is incredibly light.
Cover-up: Thrift, <$6 (Reitmans, sz m)

It's great to add some staples to my wardrobe!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sunglass Haul!

It's pouring rain and a whooping 8 deg C (46F). So of course I did the only logical thing possible... I bought a bunch of sunglasses. 

Liquidation World (discussed here!) was clearing their glasses out at $5 each. I break my glasses every year so it never hurts to stock up. 

Pair 1: I love the sparkles and really subtle green tone to these. 

Part 2: You can't really tell in the pic but the upper corners have really cute diagonal black stripes. The frames are a soft pink. I think these are really retro looking.

Pair 3: I thought I would try something new with white frames. Normally I go for girly colours (pink, purple) or black. I love the cute little bow in the corner. I just realized now that they remind me of Hello Kitty. Not really a fan of her but still a fan of these glasses!

Pair 4: Heart-shaped frames. Need I say more?

Hopefully I'll have some more interesting posts soon. I am such a sad excuse for a blogger!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Teaching OOTD

I wore this outfit for another day of teaching! I was feeling snazzy so I whipped out my blazer. This blazer was an unfortunately expensive purchase. My last summer job had required a blazer and with only a couple days between the interview and starting the position, I had to find one fast! Thrift failed me so I ended up getting it from H&M for $60. Since then, I have seen hundreds of similar/better blazers in thrift stores. ARGH!

Headband: Shopper's Drug Mart, $2.99 (ELLE, hauled here!)
Top: Thrifted (Kisment, sz m)
Blazer: H&M, $50 (sz 6)
Capris: Thrifted (Tommy Hilfer, sz 8)
Shoes: Wildlife Thrift, $5 (Nevada, sz 9, seen here!)

I was happy to whip out my new headband for the first time. I feel like it brought personality to a rather boring outfit. 

The capris and top have both been in my wardrobe since early high school years. Oldies but goodies! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Teaching OOTD

For the month of August, I received a really cool opportunity. I am teaching a small class of students in order to prepare them for the test I took last summer. It's only a one month course but it has been lot's of fun! The students are only 1-2 years younger than myself.

We don't have any guidelines for how to dress as teachers but I like to keep it modest (no shorts) and comfortable. Our office is really hot so blazers or long sleeves are pretty much an impossibility. I wore this outfit to teach this week!

Earrings: Claire's, pack of 3 for $1
Headband: Army and Navy, pack of 2 for $1.25
Tank top: Value Village, <$5 (no brand listed)
Top: My Mum's Closet!, FREE! (no brand listed)
Pants: Salvation Army, <$10 (Smart Set, sz 5)
Shoes: Value Village, <$10 (American Eagle Outfitters, sz 9)

This top was a giveaway item of my Mum's! We are really lucky because my sister, Mum, and I, all wear a very similar size in clothes. We have several items that have lived in all 3 of our closets at one point in their lives. I was really happy to receive this top. I feel like the cross-over style is by far, the most universally flattering look. 

I also really like these pants with their super white leg and stripes. I wouldn't normally pair them with a patterned top like this but I ended up loving the look. 

GUILTY: I wear socks with flats ALL the time

 My earrings are one of my cheapest finds. I picked them up in a pack with 2 other earrings for only a $1! Can't go wrong. I often pair them with this top.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Casual OOTD with my new top!

Whenever I get something new, I am so guilty of not only wearing it immediately (usually the next day) but wearing it repeatedly until it isn't so new to me anymore. I've had this top for a couple of weeks and I've probably worn it four times!

Necklace: Value Village, apx $2
Blazer: Children's hospital thrift store, apx $10 (Dolce Vita)
Top: Army and Navy, $7.99 (Silver Jeans Co., sz m, hauled here!)
Jeans: Discount store, $10 (Citizens of Humanity, sz 30, hauled here!)

I wore this outfit to stop by the office on a day off. I wanted to be semi professional (hence the blazer) but most of all, I just wanted to wear this top! The jeans are also new but these are the ones that have slight fit issues... I love the wide leg but I am not a huge fan of the excessive bunching in the *ehem* crotch region! However, they're comfy and were perfect for this dreary day. Luckily summer appears to be back so hopefully, my next OOTD will feature a skirt or some shorts! 

These shoes were a great find. Super comfortable but still cute. They actually look really adorable with skirts or shorts.  
Shoes: Wildlife Thrift, $5 (Nevada, sz 9)

I'm not a huge necklace person (earrings are my vice!) but I have always loved this thrifted star necklace.

The blazer is probably my favourite part of this outfit. I fell in love with this blazer when I first saw it on a clearance rack at a nearby thrift store. They had originally priced it at over $20 (yes, this thrift store knows their stuff!) but were clearing it out at the start of summer. I just love that it is still a blazer but has plenty of feminine details with the ruffles, pockets, and quilting.